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  • 46:08 New Popular 74912 Real Success

    74912 Real Success

    Steve & Cecile Yager Working in a collaborative team environment, as the IBOAI Board does, comes naturally to Steve. For 30 years, Steve, as well as his two brothers, Jeff & Doyle, have been committed to the Amway Business and part of Yager Enterp

  • 1:12:20 Popular 74911 Making It A Better World One Person At A Time

    74911 Making It A Better World One Person At A Time

    Speakers Zilvinas & Daina Elivkis Pat Stranney Veronica Masenya Serge Vallee Hans & Debbie Frick Toby Hale Jarek & Krystyna Maksymowicz Zbig & Sophia Rek Robert & Cecile DeLange Stephen & Gemma Stranney Jerry & Cherry Meadows

  • 24:05 Popular 74910 Make Two Decisions

    74910 Make Two Decisions

    Larry Winters Larry utilized the Quality Invite system, also known as QI, to develop their business. He gives credit to Gary Newellfor pioneering QI, which is used for interviewing/screening prospects into open meetings. In 1980, they were 24 year olds wo

  • 1:01:58 Popular 74909 Your Story Is Powerful

    74909 Your Story Is Powerful

    Noble & Kathy Gibbens Noble and Kathy were an ambitious young couple looking for the right vehicle to pursue their business goals. But with very different careers, they wanted something that they could do together. Like anything worth doing, it takes

  • 24:57 Popular 74908 The Joy Filter

    74908 The Joy Filter

    Mitch & Jenny Erickson No Bio Available As Yet

  • 52:05 Popular 74907 Taking Inventory

    74907 Taking Inventory

    No Bio or photo currently available