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  • Popular 74936 Connecting To Find Your Team

    74936 Connecting To Find Your Team

    By 3,759 Views / 3 Likes

  • 27:27 Popular 74915 Professionals In Training

    74915 Professionals In Training

    By 2,363 Views / 2 Likes

    Jerry & Cherry Meadows Occupation: Textile Plant Manager When they started their I-Commerce business they were just interested in generating some extra income for a washer, dryer, and a car that would start on a cold day. 40 years later they are amaze

  • Popular 74661 The Burst

    74661 The Burst

    By 12.7k Views / 29 Likes

    Bob RiversBob shares in this audio his thoughts on building lists and creating bursts in your business to build your business stronger and bigger quicker

  • Popular 74188  How To Cultivate A Network Of Endless Referrals

    74188 How To Cultivate A Network Of Endless Referrals

    By 8,735 Views / 12 Likes

    Bob Burg Bob Burg is an internationally renowned speaker and author.His background includes Television News Anchor, Salesman and Sales Manager, and in his ''younger days'', a New England A.A.U. and Golden Gloves Boxing Champion. As the title suggests Bob

  • Popular 73827  Prospecting Is An Art

    73827 Prospecting Is An Art

    By 15.8k Views / 11 Likes

    Peter McKenna Occupation: Air Traffic Controller / Educator Peter McKenna was an air traffic controller who wanted out from his industry, yet he didn't know how he would do this until friends of his went to America and instead of bringing back a postcard

  • Popular 73594  Following The Pattern

    73594 Following The Pattern

    By 13.5k Views / 9 Likes

    Peter & Beth Grace Occupation: Construction & Advertising "At age 21 Peter was happy with the income that he was earning from the construction industry, but when he looked at people who had been in the industry 20 years longer they weren't earning

  • Popular 73003  Circles Of Success

    73003 Circles Of Success

    By 11.4k Views / 8 Likes

    Merritt Wiese The Iowa ranchers who looked so successful to others were strangled by debt. "We were selling off our own furniture to scrape together cash to pay for basic needs," Merritt Wiese admits. "We were that desperate. Our bankers warned us that ba