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  • 15:20 Popular 74768 Structure Yields Results

    74768 Structure Yields Results

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    Manny WinstonI remember 6 years ago starting a business, and most telling me I would fail. People told me "run away as fast as possible." So I decided to listen to those people, and I ran straight to the bank lol... seriously though, I've learned the past

  • 35:00 Popular 74744 No Width No Structure

    74744 No Width No Structure

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    Matthew Pezzimenti Matthew greatly disliked school when he was younger, his favorite place at school when he attended was the cafeteria. Even at this age he had a very strong view of working for the rest of his life, especially working for someone else. M

  • 1:05:19 Popular 74736 Depth Basics

    74736 Depth Basics

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    "When we started our business, Jake was working as a manufacturing manager for an electronics company and I was working as a chemist for a pharmaceutical company," remembers Jackie. "Our first hurdle we had to get over was working together. Our marriage w

  • 50:10 Popular 74713 Personal Momentum VS Group Momentum

    74713 Personal Momentum VS Group Momentum

    By 10.3k Views / 3 Likes

    Doug & Amie Weir After graduating from Michigan State University with management degrees, Doug and Amie Weir moved to North Carolina to pursue careers in purchasing, hoping to climb the corporate ladder to success. Doug began his career at IBM Corpora

  • 28:04 Popular 74709 World Domination

    74709 World Domination

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    Mark & Meredith Nathan Time + Effort = Success -Illinois, Mark Nathan has always seen his AMWAY™business as a vehicle for reaching his goals. As a college graduate, Mark had a lot of things he wanted to do – acting, directing independent f

  • 59:32 Popular 74706 Diamond Mentality 66866

    74706 Diamond Mentality 66866

    By 13k Views / 13 Likes

    Toby Ayers - Mayak Gala “In the next couple years, we hope to see and experience some of the fastest growth Amway has ever undergone in North America,” says Toby Ayers. “And we’re right in the middle of it thanks to superior produc

  • 1:02:28 Popular 74705 Pink Pig & Go Somewhere Rare

    74705 Pink Pig & Go Somewhere Rare

    By 9,829 Views / 9 Likes

    Reagan & Carey Bender Reagan at 25' had made a career playing soccer and coaching 3 teams full time; Carey at 24' was a full time teacher taking extra hours whenever she could. Things were tight and time and money at a premium, bills were now surpassi

  • 39:16 Popular 73832  Width

    73832 Width

    By 11k Views / 7 Likes

    Tom Payne "I was earning a good living as a dentist and I wasn't interested in a new business," says Tom. "I saw some retirement security in it so I signed on for that reason only. I was always surrounded by winners," Tom recalls."I began to realize how g

  • 28:25 Popular 74669  Buying Power & Business Ownership

    74669 Buying Power & Business Ownership

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    Kelley and Jennette Bremer “We needed something more” – “We believed we were going to succeed in whatever we did,” says Kelley, a systems engineer with “more degrees than a thermometer. We had a pretty successful life,

  • 41:17 Popular 74662  Your Foundation Brick By Brick

    74662 Your Foundation Brick By Brick

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    Joe Markiewicz Ask Joe his secret and he responds,”It’s simple. Be transparent.” Every educational session Joe leads begins with a variation of “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m an IBO just like you. This is what I do every day in m

  • Popular 74580 Get The Attitude

    74580 Get The Attitude

    By 12.8k Views / 8 Likes

    Peter & Beth Grace Occupation: Construction & Advertising "At age 21 Peter was happy with the income that he was earning from the construction industry, but when he looked at people who had been in the industry 20 years longer they weren't earning

  • Popular 74613  Depth & Profitability

    74613 Depth & Profitability

    By 10.1k Views / 8 Likes

    Occupation: Textile Plant Manager When they started their i-Commerce business they were just interested in generating some extra income for a washer, dryer, and a car that would start on a cold day. 40 years later they are amazed by the growth they have e