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  • 27:27 Popular 74915 Professionals In Training

    74915 Professionals In Training

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    Jerry & Cherry Meadows Occupation: Textile Plant Manager When they started their I-Commerce business they were just interested in generating some extra income for a washer, dryer, and a car that would start on a cold day. 40 years later they are amaze

  • 21:14 Popular 74857 Time Management

    74857 Time Management

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    David & Jennifer Fleming No Bio available as Yet

  • 56:55 Popular 73859  The Facts

    73859 The Facts

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    James & Wendy Beauchamp Occupation: Dairy Farmers "James spent part of his young adult life as a jackeroo. Wendy was the daughter of a farmer and when James and Wendy married they plunged into building their own dairy farm. But 12 years after beginnin

  • Popular 74659 Pick A Dream Pick A Day

    74659 Pick A Dream Pick A Day

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    Bert & Jackie Gulick "For us," Bert insists, "time was the reason to get involved in this business. We knew we had to get into a business of our own. We saw this business as an opportunity to make a lot of money without having to work such incredible