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  • Popular 74081  Asking Expensive Questions

    74081 Asking Expensive Questions

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    Craig Deane Double Diamond Craig Deane goes through the various aspects of building the business such as phone calls, showing the plan, follow through etc and teaches how to stay in control by asking the right questions. It is vital to gather the right in

  • Popular 74320  What Do You Have Your Hands On

    74320 What Do You Have Your Hands On

    By 62.9k Views / 59 Likes

    Craig Deane Occupation: Tri Athlete Craig Deane is one of the great communicators within our industry. He is able to simplify complex ideas, giving people a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve and how to go about it. He is known for his discipli

  • Popular 73374  Overcoming Excuses & Objections

    73374 Overcoming Excuses & Objections

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    Craig & Anna Deane Occupation: Tri Athlete At first, Anna wanted nothing to do with the business. "I had used and loved Amway products for years," Anna acknowledges, "but I thought Craig was blinded by what we heard about the potential of this busines