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  • 1 Popular Statement Question

    Statement Question

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    "Statement Question" is an invitation for prospects to look at your business opportunity with an overview of the concepts of entrepreneurship. The overview talks in concepts and features and benefits. the message is to check it out at the next "Info Sessi

  • 2 02:11 Popular What If?

    What If?

    By 20.2k Views / 26 Likes

  • 3 15:27 Popular May SYD BDS: Take Advantage Of The System

    May SYD BDS: Take Advantage Of The System

    By 19.4k Views / 11 Likes

    This video is about May SYD BDS: Take Advantage of the System

  • 4 14:28 Popular Going The Extra Mile

    Going The Extra Mile

    By 15.4k Views / 26 Likes

    Craig DeaneOccupation:Tri AthleteCraig Deane is one of the great communicators within our industry. He is able to simplify complex ideas, giving people a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve and how to go about it. He is known for his discipline