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Grotewold Matt




Matt and Alana Grotewold

Like many people, Matt and Alana Grotewold weren’t sure where they were headed after finishing college. Matt was seriously considering med school. “But I talked with some physicians and most of them were working 80 hours a week. I thought, well, what kind of lifestyle is that?” Matt recalls.

At the time he and Alana were introduced to the AMWAY™ business, they were about to have their first child. “It was an exciting time for us, everything was new and fresh, and we were starting our lives together,” says Alana.

“We already had a lot of plates spinning,” adds Matt. “I had started a construction company and our first baby was due in a couple of months. But we saw the opportunity and wanted to seize it.”
In fact, it was their sponsor who encouraged them to really figure out what it was they wanted to achieve in their lives. “Ultimately, we decided we just wanted to be our own bosses, to be able to spend time with our kids and to travel,” says Matt.

They knew it wouldn’t be easy to build a business. At one point, after having their second child, they moved in with Matt’s parents because they didn’t have a lot of money coming in.

“It was scary, but we had to take charge of that fear,” says Matt. “We just kept listening to our mentors who had gone down the road before us,” adds Alana.

They also learned how to develop thick skin. “One of the biggest things we had to overcome was people’s opinions,” says Matt. “We learned there’s a big difference between opinions and advice. Everybody seems to have an opinion, but advice is based more in fact and experience.”

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