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Alfalla Ace & Jamie




Ace & Jamie Alfalla

Jamie came from a broken home her parents were divorced she lived with her father who was in the military, so Jamie moved around a lot and went to many different schools. Jamie didn’t like school too much and left in grade 10 without graduating high school. At the age of 15 she move out of home a and travelled around the country , while in Michigan she meet someone and move to New York for love where she was working 3 jobs to pay the bills overcoming  alcohol & drug abuse from when she was younger. She saw the business with her now husband in a McDonalds store in New York and straight away new that the business was what she had been looking for.
Four years later her business was growing with a group of 40 to 50 IBO’s and things were looking up, she went through a divorce and in the settlement lost half of her business.  Jamie was so sure this business would work she started again.

Ace grew up in Queens and struggled with school and repeated year 10 twice as he basically was not at not at school very often and eventually was expelled, he was then sent to a military school for delinquents for 6months. After his release from military school Ace was in the Bronx and attacked by a gang where he received massive head injuries and was not expected to live, but he amazed the doctors and pulled through.
After his injuries Ace applied for a number of government jobs but unfortunately was turned down by all of them due medical reasons to which he started driving tow trucks, for the next 5 years.

Ace during this time worked for some unsavoury people in the underworld and got caught up in body building and steroids, he would party every night and workout all day. He meets Jamie one night at a night club and they started dating.
Jamie had now been in the business for 4 – 5 years at this time and Ace was very impressed with her business drive and her dedication to her group.

After Ace attending his first meeting it took him another 3 meetings over 3 months to recognise just what the business could do for him.

Since then Ace and Jamie have taken all before them and they are currently Emerald IBOs looking to Diamond and their business is growing day by day.

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