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McGready Roland & Jenny




Roland & Jenny McGready
Occupation: Medical Research Scientists

Before their 1981 involvement in i-Commerce, leading medical research scientists Roland and Jenny McGready worked in a university research lab. ''Jenny and I always dreamed of starting our own biotechnology company.'' Roland reports, '' but where would we ever get that kind of funding.'' Roland began formulating an answer to that question when he hired a new employee for the medical research staff. One day the new employee asked Roland and Jenny about a business opportunity and Roland sent Jenny along to the meeting and instructed her to be kind but firm in communicating their indifference to the business as they were just to busy. Jenny, mild-mannered scientist left for that business meeting and returned as i-Commerce enthusiast. Chuckling over Jenny's metamorphosis, Roland remembers, '' She returned all fired up. She kept me up until about five in the morning showing me the circles, and explaining the potential of the business. ''Jenny explains, ''The business plan just made sense.'' Even though the Yager system had not reached Australia yet, from their unexpected launch in 1981, the McGreadys went direct in 1982. Jenny says, ''From the first time that I saw the business plan, I realised that i-Commerce could allow us to help others in another way, more personally than in a lab.'' '' It lets us bring quality to the lives of others,'' Roland sums up. ''Some of this we do through medicine. We help other people face-to-face. But we can do both because of this business.''

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