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74861 A Student Of The Business

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Kopecky Paul & Morgan




Paul & Morgan Kopecky

Paul got involved with the business when his sister introduced him to Amway. Despite a sceptical first reaction, Paul researched the business and decided the opportunity was too good to pass up.

"Success is determined on strictly ambition," Paul said. "Who can develop themselves into someone who can understand success principles and apply success principles? Because they´re not taught at a university. I´ll say that again. Success principles are not taught at a university."

Paul is one of the thousands of people who have bought into the business and its promise of riches, with the thoughts of building their own fortune through the business.

Anyone can become an independent business owner, or IBO, through Amway. A one-time setup fee of $100 gives a member IBO status, as well as access to Amway’s Web site.

"This is a business concept most people aren´t familiar with,

"You never make money off of people. "You make money helping people develop a business”

 In a year and a half, he has expanded his business chain to include approximately 250 people, including University students. Paul has formed personal relationships with many of these students.

These relationships are what Paul said he treasured most about Quixtar now. But that was not always the case.

"I got involved for one thing only: money. Incredible money,"

He wasn´t disappointed. Last month he earned $6,000 from his Quixtar franchise. Such commission checks are not uncommon for. Quick success has earned him notoriety throughout the Midwest, he said. Other IBOs look to him as an example of someone who can handle the rigors of college on top of a successful business.

That doesn´t mean he hasn´t questioned the validity of getting a college degree. Paul said it´s hard to stay in school when he did not expect to use his business degree after college. Because of Amway, he expects to be financially independent in a couple of years.

Paul’s confidence in future wealth comes from his faith in the Quixtar business model.

"It´s the most perfect business model - ever," he said.

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